Lockdown stories

Rediscovering (a quieter) Amsterdam

During this pandemic, almost everyone was impressed by the different sonic identity of our cities. The streets are much quieter and “new” sounds dominate our lives. Less cars and airplanes, more birds, and more people trying to catch some fresh air. Many recordings were made and there is a significant archive of lockdown sounds worldwide.

In the Netherlands, the second strict lockdown started in the middle of December 2020 and lasts until mid January 2021. During this very special time of the year, the cities are full of christmas lights but at the same time they are empty and quiet.

Since this is one of my favorite periods of the year, I have decided to start documenting some of the sounds of Amsterdam too. Sounds that I find interesting, funny, unique, and most of all sounds that I (re-)discover in areas that I usually visit.

Taking advantage of the absence of big crowds in the streets, I want to share this (sonic) scenery of Amsterdam and document the atmosphere and the holiday vibe of the (almost deserted) city.

One sound a day

In this project I am going to record one sound every day and, later on, use the recordings to create a new composition. However, I find important to share the experience and communicate the atmosphere of the moment. For this reason I am going to publish every day a short fragment of this recording in my Instagram account.

Albert Cuypstraat – De Pijp, December 2020
Sarphatipark – De Pijp, December 2020

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