Moments in Time: 2010-2014

Upon the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic I was reminded that in the past I composed the, related to the subject, piece “Don’t Spread Germs (and other stories)”. It was initially created for a live performance and it was inspired by a short video, published in 1948 by the British ministry of health, in order to inform the public about hygiene practices. The video is available via the internet archive.

In 2019, I included this piece in my digital release “Moments in Time: 2010-2014”. Moments in Time was initially released in as an EP by Somehow Recordings in 2013 (no longer available) and it contained the three pieces Prelude, Murmurs, and Rove.

In the new version I included the full series of my pieces dedicated to acoustic instruments and electronics that I composed during the period of 2010-2014 in The Hague (NL). Some of the pieces were originally multichannel and re-mixed in stereo in order to be published in this format, but the piece “Mono symfonia” is a monophonic miniature.

The digital album is available for purchase since March 2019 in Bandcamp, but now the album is also available on Spotify and the rest of the relevant streaming platforms. The title of the piece “Don’t Spread Germs (and other stories)” as well as the video that inspired me, seemed more relevant than ever, so, I felt the need to share my work with wider audience.

Photos taken by F. Konstantinidou in Scheveningen, NL
Artwork by F. Konstantinidou
You can also purchase the digital version in high quality here (bandcamp) or listen on Spotify here.