Slower Evolution

Forget Time and Place

Our concert “Slower Evolution”, that was planned to take place on Sunday 22 March 2020 in Splendor-Amsterdam, had to be postponed to June 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns. The participating artists of this event were Anne la Berge, Phil Maguire, Orphax, Luke Deane, and myself (Fani Konstantinidou).

It is very unfortunate that we have to wait, however, we decided that the sad news and the terrifying situation that we are all experiencing right now, will not stop us from sharing music and communicating with everyone out there from our homes.
For this reason, and in collaboration with my fellow artists, I prepared a special mixtape featuring our music. Through this mixtape we want to send our wishes to our audience, friends, and families, and give you a glimpse of this evening that we are still planning to make it happen when the moment is right.

With our drone-music and atmospheric sounds, the concert “Slower Evolution” was meant to make you “forget time and place” and I believe right now this need is even stronger. This is a perfect mix to relax, daydream, or meditate—so I hope you will enjoy it.

Meanwhile we are all looking into new ways of expressing our creativity and communicating with each other so we will definitely stay in touch through different channels.
I hope that everyone is safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing (and hugging) each other very soon!

You can listen to the mix below


  1. Shuffle Dance – Luke Deane (00:00-02:06)
  2. Live Circles (Remix) – Orphax (01:00-21:16)
  3. Winter – Fani Konstantinidou (18:10-25:56)
  4. Tullaroan – Maguire/La Berge (24:44-56:08)
  5. After the Winter – Fani Konstantinidou (54:48-01:03:24)
  6. Don’t Spread Germs (and other stories)  – Fani Konstantinidou (01:02:42-01:05:11)

If you are interested in ordering the music, you can find the full albums in the links below.
Luke Deane – Shuffle Dance available here
Orphax – Live Circles available here
Maguire/La Berge – Tullaroan available here
Fani Konstantinidou – Winter & After the Winter available here
Fani Konstantinidou – Don’t spread Germs (and other stories) available here