Winter Trilogy / The Big Fall

My new CD, Winter Trilogy/The Big Fall is now out by Moving Furniture Records!

The Winter Trilogy/The Big Fall, are two trilogies that were realized between 2015-2019 in the Netherlands and implemented into a sequence of live shows during the same period. Both inspired by cultural sonic imprints, the Winter Trilogy (computer & accordion) and The Big Fall (computer & analogue synthesizer) explore the potential and the antitheses between analogue versus digital while expressing a personal view of particular rural landscapes.

Growing up in Greece and living and working in the Netherlands for more than 10 years, I experience two specific landscapes and temperaments that without a doubt influence my music. My relationship with certain musical instruments, sound objects, and music styles but also my exposure to the Greek and Dutch urban and rural environments have always been a source of inspiration and remain very present in all my compositions.

The Winter Trilogy, is a result of a trip to my home town when I found an accordion in my family’s house and decided to see its influence in my music. The Big Fall, on the other hand, resulted by experimenting with analogue synthesizers that I had the opportunity to access in the Netherlands. At the same time, since my main instrument on stage is always a computer, I am genuinely interested in finding a balance between analogue and digital sound material while experimenting with the audience and its ability to remain concentrated to the sounds without significant visual stimuli. However, regardless of the sound sources and the compositional ideas, both trilogies are mostly inspired by moments, people, and certain places in GR & NL that I visited the last years, and they are an amalgam of personal experiences and emotions.

Released by Moving Furniture Records
Photos taken by F. Konstantinidou in Texel, NL
Artwork by Chrisa Sereti
Mastering by Jos Smolders at EARLabs

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